Pretend Play & Magical Thinking – It’s Alive!

I sit all day and all night.
I wait every minute and every second.
I hear you come in and out.
I love crumbled tissue for breakfast,
I crave banana peels for lunch,
I munch your leftovers for dinner.
I say ROAR when your dog comes near,
I am afraid that he will still my food.
I screech HI when you wave at me.
I feel hungry now, so feed me again please.

Now, guess what I am.

Electronic Garbage Can

Answer: Electronic Garbage Can

Everyday, we imagine unconsciously and applies those magical thinking to our classrooms. Remember, educators should act as role models for children and therefore it is our responsibility to demonstrate the importance of using magical thinking in almost anything during our lives. Just as Albert Einstein stated in the beautiful quote below, it is because imagination can take all of us to anywhere during that specific moment in the classroom.

Link below:

It is very important for educators to encourage children to use their imagination and magical thinking because children would be more engaged into the activities. Using artful stimulation is one of many ways to encourage children to imagine their situations and what they could possibly do in them. We should always ask children to continue the story afterwards through various types of play.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is one of our personal inspirations because the combination between beautiful cartoon scenarios and yoga may engage children to participate actively in physical activities.

Life Sized Bus Inside  Kindergarten Class in Guidepost Hong Kong

Life sized bus inside a kindergarten  in Guidepost Hong Kong

The inspiration above demonstrates that it is the educator’s role to bring children’s life experiences into pretend play. Through their imagination, they are able to use their magical thinking and create symbolic materials to communicate, for example, using a block to simulate telecoms used by bus drivers. Educators should encourage children to be involved in the process of creating this materials.

Art activity created by Wendy at Aldergrove Public School

Shape the Robot art activity created by Wendy at Aldergrove Public School (O)

When it comes to imagination, one of the elements we thought of was shape because there are many unique qualities and personalities in each and one of them. Shape is formed when connecting edges can create an object  (Schirrmacher & Fox, 2012). It is up to the children to choose its characteristics and imagine how it will look. For example, although there was a theme for this activity, the combination of children’s imagination and two dimensional shapes has successfully produced a diversified army of robots! We even worked all together and brought these robots to life! Just imagine what you can do and try it out with the children!


Robots Brought to Life At Aldergrove P.S ( Wendy’s Activity – Continuation)

♥ Wendy ♥

Word Count (447)

Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2012). Art and creative development for young children (7thEd.). Belmont, CA: Delmar.


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