Guerilla Art – Love and Hope

Guerilla art is very similar to “street art” and is usually located in public places anonymously. Showcasing guerilla art can express different ideas and views to other people. The guerilla art we decided to do was to fold origami art and wrote positive messages written inside. We chose this as our form of art because we wanted to transfer the positive culture we learned as a child to Toronto. So we proceeded and bought coloured origami paper and folded away!

Learn how to fold a paper crane, heart, and heart box !

Writing positive comments on the origami

Origami cranes hung on a tree beside Ryerson’s Early Learning Centre

This girl was very happy she after finding the crane

Happy student after she found the crane

Origami heart

Origami heart


Origami Heart Box


Student found an origami heart

Origami heart

Process of designing the board in SLC

The idea of symmetry was constantly used during the process of folding origami, therefore it involves balance. Balance is the ability for something to be equally distributed so that it can be aesthetically in proportion (Schirrmacher & Fox, 2012). For example, from our observations in early childhood settings, children tend to create art that is balanced symmetrically and proportionately. As educators, we need to help children understand that although many things require balance in the world, such as building a bridge. On the other hand, many things does not have to always be balanced, for example, art.

The main goal for us as geurilla artists was being able to put a smile on people’s faces. As people find the origami, unfold them and read the messages, we hope we can transfer some hope and love to them. We decided to put the origami in different areas of Ryerson University because we would like to this to bring a positive vibe to students and professors to help them get through tough times as exams are around the corner.

Beauty of wild British Columbia

North West Fantasies – Beauty of wild British Columbia

Above is one of our favorite type of guerilla art because of the three dimensional optical illusions. They are often so realistic that we feel like we can actually fall in. If educators ever encounter them with children, it will be a great oppurtunity to learn about dimensions and illusions.

This guerilla art project promoted creativity for us because we learned that not only can happiness be shown to other people through verbal language, it can also come from artistic demos. This promotes creativity for anybody who participate with the guerilla art as well because they may realize how you don’t need much to be happy and be able to go through the problems. We must understand that we do not have to be professional artists to be creative and to create art.

♥ Justine ♥


Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2012). Art and creative development for young children (7thEd.). Belmont, CA: Delmar.

Word Count: 448


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