Oil Pastel + Watercolour ~Selfies

 Remember in our drawing post we drew portraiture with the use of mirrors? Well now, it is time for the addition of colours. Colour is an element of art that is based on visual sensation of light and how it is reflected into our eyes. Colours could be categorized in many ways but most importantly they could be used to reflect our feelings to our surroundings (Schirrmacher & Fox, 2012). This is how we added colors to our sketches with oil pastel and water color!

Gina’s Self Portrait

Drawing herself on the mirror

Drawing herself on the mirror

Sketching the mirror drawing on a large white piece of paper

Sketching the mirror drawing on a large white piece of paper


Final Product!

Gina decided to use more oil pastel to create brighter colours overall and only watercolour to create softness in certain parts!

Justine’s Self Portrait

Gina and Justine who's inside the mirror!

Gina and Justine who’s inside the mirror!

Busy sketching it on paper!

Busy sketching it on paper!

Final Product!

Final Product!

Justine used oil pastels to do the majority of outlining which is an also a great method! She used watercolour to design the background with symbols of her love for music!

Wendy’s Self Portrait

Wendy's mirror drawing

Wendy’s mirror drawing

Sketching away ~

Sketching away ~

Wendy's Final Look

Wendy’s Final Look

Wendy’s strategy was very similar to Justine’s except she decided that she want her hair down for her imaginary ombre hair design!


From just three examples above, we have learned that there are many possible ways to express ourselves in reality or fantasies. Most importantly, during the process of creating this artwork, we have learned that breaking down into stages could not only give us a great practice in different techniques but also the time between each stage allow us to think thoroughly about how we could portray ourselves in details.

Hot Mocha at Symposium Cafe

Hot Mocha at Symposium Cafe

The fluffiness of  whip cream floating on top of a dose of espresso coffee and below it there is creamy white milk with thick chocolate syrup sunk to the bottom. Doesn’t this design attract you more than regular mocha you get at other stores?

This is why it is important for us to use different mediums in creating artwork. It gives more expressions to our work and just like our self- portraits or any other work, the combinations of different mediums allow us to practice technical skills on how to use oil pastel or any mediums and the skills to incorporate them with each other to create harmony.

Children's painting at Aldergrove Public School

Children’s painting at Aldergrove Public School using mediums such as markers, watercolors and highlighters

As an educator, it is important to incorporate different mediums to promote children’s interest and expand their knowledge in art. Children loves exploring new opportunities and introducing them to new mediums could build their vocabularies during the process. It also offers them more choices in expressing themselves through art.

♥ Wendy ♥

Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2012). Art and creative development for young children (7thEd.). Belmont, CA: Delmar.

Word Count: 450


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