About Us

Justine, Wendii and Gina at the Royal Ontario Museum!
  Justine, Wendy and Gina at the AGO!

Welcome to Cr3ativ3arts, a place where you can embrace your inner creativity! In this site, you’ll be able to get a hold of many easy creative art ideas that you can do yourself or even with children! Our main objective creating this site is for you to use as a handy resource, to share your creativity with others and to help you know that anyone can be creative!

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Contributor: Wendy

Wendy is a 20 years old Early Childhood Studies second year student at Ryerson university. Her favorite choice of art expression is make up. Depending on her mood, her make up style will change. Wendy has a lot things she is passionate about and she records them through photography or short clips. Her favorite model is always Mrs. Landscape and Mr. Rocher who is the Yorkshire Terrier on the top right corner!


Contributor: Justine

Justine studies the Ryerson/York Concurrent Early Childhood Studies program and is in second year of University! Her future goal is to be a teacher that ensures creativity and art in the classroom. She loves food and all types of ice cream but her favorite is definitely gelato. Justine’s favorite person in the world would be her brother because he brings so much happiness and joy to her life. She loves to capture memories with her Polaroid camera because she loves watching the film come out. “It’s exciting and surprising to see how the picture turns out!”- Justine

Contributor: Gina

Contributor: Gina

Gina is also a second year student studying in the Ryerson Early Childhood Studies program. Her favorite forms of art include the love for fashion, dancing and cooking! She wishes that she could buy all the rings in Pandora and open her own Pandora shop. Gina also loves k-pop. She has a passion in doing dance covers and performances with her dance team, Exene. She also enjoys trying out different recipes and cook for her family and friends! She’s multi-talented!


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